What is a penny-farthing?

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Penny farthing first appeared in 1891 in Bicycling News media. The unique bike was made by James Starley of England who was considered the Father of the Bicycle Industry in 1870. He originally wanted to produce boneshaker bicycles from France, but eventually created a bike with a front wheel with a diameter of 1.5 meters, which is the Penny-farthing that we know today. It's meant to get high speed.In 1878, Albert Pope began introducing the Columbia Bicycle plant in Boston, USA. At this time, the bike was mass-produced so that it could remove the prestige of the penny-farthing bike that is considered as the beginning of the bike as a sport.Unfortunately, Eugene Meyer of France is considered the Father of High Bicycles by the International Bicycle History Conference, not James Starley. Meyer considered introducing the bicycle-wired fingers in 1869.

Indeed, the large front wheel makes the rider able to travel further for each rotation but is at great risk if it stops suddenly or slips on the derivative because if it falls, it is much more painful. This is the first bike that got the title Bicycle (two wheels).The Penny-Farthing bike reappears thanks to Diamove. Diamove is a bicycle concept that is controlled by the front wheel.In addition, this bike has a foldable concept that makes it easy to store and carry. Diamove's unique look from Damshek is designed to provide better posture when the driver drives it.The load on the hands and feet will be focused on the waist. For cyclists, bikes that have retro designs can also be transformed into an exciting one-wheeled bike instead?That's it the info that we can share with you today. We hope this little piece of information that we've shared can help you to understand more about the unique history of the bicycle, and also about the very classic and classy design of the earlier models of the bicycle from the past.